Up in the Cloud

Interestingly it is the small and medium sized business community that are embracing the benefits of cloud computing at a faster rate than some of the larger and even multi-international companies. Benefits including cost reduction and more regular/ faster upgrade cycles are often cited as the main reasons to adopt this technology.

Cloud computing is where the computing processing power and memory storage is held remotely. Your PC effectively becomes a terminal to access data and processing power remotely from the “cloud.” Cloud computing exhibits a number of similarities with the way mainframe computers used to work in the 1980s with centralised computing power and terminals. However, the big difference is that cloud computing is accessible by virtually any device, via any connection.

Many companies who are using cloud don’t know it! Services like hosted email and social media are all good examples where businesses are benefiting from cloud technology. Predictions from cloud technology experts Charteris show that 2012 is likely to be an important year for the adoption of cloud technologies by businesses that now see it as a genuine and powerful IT option. Charteris have developed and delivered the largest cloud computing network in the UK to date and more information can be found on www.charteris.com.

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