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Bank of England Upgrades UK Economy Forecasts

The Bank of England upgraded its 2021 forecast last week to the highest rate seen in almost 70 years. However, this has disguised a more severe pessimistic assessment than previously of the UK’s economy. The upward revision of the annual forecast for 2021 from 5% to 7.25% was based upon a better-than-expected past performance assisted […]

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The Economic Implications of Covid

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture this evening which was presented by the well-known Economist Professor Patrick Minford. In his lecture Professor Minford presented his assessment of how Covid has impacted the UK’s economy and his predictions for the future.

The key takeaways from the lecture were:

  • The UK government must focus on the longer term and not focus completely on short-term tax increases to pay off the national debt. There is no need to pay off the debt “over-night.”
  • Tax cuts should be considered to drive growth particularly corporation tax. The North of England responds better to tax cuts than the South, and are an effective economic stimulus.
  • Co-operate with the private sector and where required the government should invest in businesses and put money up front where necessary. Previously the UK was unable to do this as members of the EU. The investment made by the UK government into the development of coronavirus vaccines is an excellent success story of this type of initiative.
  • 50-40% public sector borrowing/ GDP is seen as a manageable and stable percentage.
  • Interest rates and inflation will increase. Commodity prices are also predicted to increase significantly.

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Event Horizon Takes Off!

I attended the launch meeting of Event Horizon in London today – the new collaborative association for businesses in the space industry. Interestingly the UK has a very strong global position in the world’s space industry particularly in the field of commercial applications, satellite technology and the associated supply chains. Speaking to John Baker from […]

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Professor Patrick Minford Economics Dinner, Carlton Club, London

I had the pleasure of attending an Economics dinner held at the Carlton Club in London this evening. The famous economist Professor Patrick Minford was the guest speaker. Professor Minford gave an interesting and entertaining speech regarding the current state of the UK’s economy and Brexit. In summary the key points that were presented by […]

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Managing Business Uncertainty in a Brexit Environment

On 3rd June Campbell Ventures held a half day conference on the subject of “Managing Business Uncertainty in a Brexit Environment” at the Sky Garden in London. Sixteen personally invited clients attended and contributed to the lively debate and discussions. During the morning Mike Campbell Managing Director of Campbell Ventures presented a number of stimulating […]

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Campbell Ventures Attends the Corbett Keeling M&A Dinner

Mike Campbell attended the Corbett Keeling’s M&A dinner on 15th November 2016 at the Capital Club in central London. Mike is a long standing Advisor to Corbett Keeling – an independent City of London  based mid-market corporate finance firm Twice a year Corbett Keeling host the M&A dinner events to create an opportunity for […]

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UK Growth Predicted to be the Fastest in G7 This Year

The UK will be the fastest growing major economy in 2016 according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF.) The IMF’s prediction of growth comes despite its statements that a vote to leave the EU could plunge the country into recession and create a stock market crash. The IMF is predicting that the UK will grow […]

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Transformation in Digital Marketing – Key Questions To Ask Yourself

The term ‘digital transformation’ is often heard in the board rooms of businesses and at marketing conferences worldwide but what does it actually mean? Defining what digital transformation is, is a fundamental part of the implementation process. It can mean different things to different organisations. Is it about customer acquisition, about mining customer data for […]

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Do You Have an Elevator Pitch?

Do you have an “elevator pitch” for your business or service? It is surprising how many business leaders struggle to clearly and concisely describe the value that their organisation delivers to a potential customer or even an investor. An elevator pitch is a concise, considered and well-practiced description about your company that a complete stranger […]

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Staff Retention In a Competitive Market – Best Practice

We have all seen it ….. thousands of pounds invested in recruitment, ‘eye watering’ head hunter fees …… and then the recruited candidate leaves the business after a few months for a better offer. Or even worse seeing the departure of a long serving, valued and loyal member of the team suddenly leaving the business. […]

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