Campbell Ventures Advises the Chinese Government on Creating a Health, Safety and Rescue Products Industry

Campbell Ventures has been invited to be the founder international member of the Chinese government’s national health, safety and rescue project steering committee. The objective of the project is to introduce advanced Western health and safety product manufacturers into China, and to create a competitive and innovative health, safety and rescue products manufacturing and supply chain industry in China. This is a ground breaking project for the Chinese government who are tasked with improving the working health and safety practices in China and to adopt Western practices for its vast work force. China has suffered a number of major industrial and natural disasters over the past five years, and this has triggered the government to improve the nation’s health and safety systems, products and working practices.

The project covers many end sectors where health, safety and rescue products are needed in China covering the construction industry, coal mining, fire fighting, disaster recovery and rescue amongst others.

Campbell Ventures has been invited to launch this project and to attend the steering committee meeting at the first Chinese Health, Safety and Rescue products exhibition and conference held in Beijing on 18th September 2012.

Campbell Ventures’ role in the important project is:

  • To advise and identify leading edge Western businesses who lead in the development and manufacture of relevant advanced health, safety and rescue products demanded in China.
  • To attract foreign health, safety and rescue businesses to invest and set up operations in China with preferential rates on land, facilities and government support. This also includes the identification of suitable Chinese business partners and suppliers.

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